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  • The ControlTrack dashboard is customised for each participant, showing the control activities they are required to undertake as well as the status of those activities once the assessment is underway.
  • Participants may log in and out of ControlTrack to start and then continue the assessment over time.


  • Each control activity is assigned to a control activity assessor and an independent control activity reviewer to rate the effectiveness of each control activity and track any required improvement plans.
  • Senior management or directors need only see final reports, but can drill down into the detail if they choose.
  • The control assessment is authorised by management when complete.

Risk Assessment

  • Our risk assessment capability allows organisational risks to be assigned to risk owners.
  • Risk owners can undertake risk assessments with full visibility over the effectiveness of controls in place to manage and mitigate those risks.
  • Subsequent to the risk assessment, risk owners have the opportunity to decide whether to accept the risk and then record treatment plans where required.


  • The system allows flexible reporting based on significance weightings assigned to controls.
  • Reports can be generated at the organisation level, control category or for specific business units.
  • Senior management review at the report level but can drill down into the detail if required.
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